Rules and Regulations for AN Intra Futsal Fest VI

1. Every team is required to play all their squad members giving them Atleast a match during group stages or KO.
2. If any team fails to complete their set of players in group stages then they are required to play them in semis mandatorily.
3. There will be no bar during semis and Final if the respective teams fields all their players in group stages.
4. Group stage matches will be played as a single half of 7 minutes i.e 14 minutes altogether with 1 minutes break.
5. Semis and finals will be played as 10 minutes each half.i.e 20 minutes.
6. Captains will be informing their starting V before every match to Match official.
7. Every decisions henceforth will be reviewed by Arsenal Nepal team.
8. Since This is for fun more than Competition any brawl would not be entertained and if so, he shall be banned for participating in next year’s Event.

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